Personal development is a life-long process. It’s a way for you to overcome your inner boundaries,assess your skills and qualities, consider your desires in life, and set goals in order to realize and maximize your potential, achieve self-fulfillment and your life’s purpose.

Life Coaching is a process aimed to build and develop your personal potentials.

Led to the state of the “Personal Empowerment”, you will intentionally use your best skills to fulfill your personal, social or work tasks in the most efficient way.


The Coach leads and supports you to achieve your goals, dreams and intentions, and helps you to:

  • Connect better with your inner self and become more aligned with your personal values;
  • Become more aware of your potentials and abilities, and overcome your own limitations;
  • Clean-up your present and sharpen your vision of the future;
  • Achieve a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction;
  • Adjust your behavior – become more flexible, take control over your life’s circumstances, and provide a substantial contribution to society as an individual or a team member.

How Coaching Works?


Coach leads the session using questions and “tools” designed to encourage and empower you to find solutions and answers within yourself.

It takes just a few coaching sessions to initiate the process of positive, long-term and strong changes. The length of the coaching cycle depends on the state of the client when he first showed up, the complexity of the topics we deal with, and the commitment of the client to work on personal change. As an indication, it is recommended that a coaching cycle lasts 2-3 months with sessions once a week. The coaching process is strictly confidential between the coach and the client.

What is a Coaching Session?

Coaching session is a dialog between a Client, who has a need, desire and readiness to make a positive life change, and a Coach, who provides unconditional support in this process of change.

Coach will never provide you with counselling, advice or solutions. The answers and all your decisions are within you – they come out of your Being and from your needs, aligned with your values and beliefs. This is why all the responsibility and credits belong to you!


In the first coaching consultation, coach will explain the framework of the future sessions, making sure the client understands the coach’s obligations, manner of communication, client’s responsibilities, and all the important details.


When we start the coaching process, the first stage would be to

  • IDENTIFY THE REALITY – What is my current state? Where am I right now? How do I feel, what do I think, is there anything that drains my energy, are there any obstacles? Do I sabotage myself and how? What do I want to change and why?

When we have the clear picture of reality, we than

  • IDENTIFY THE GOAL – What is my goal? How will I benefit from this change?

Now, we have a clear picture what we want to achieve. It’s time to

  • CONSIDER OPTIONS – What options and possibilities do I have to achieve my goal? What would be the most successful way for me, and what criteria will lead me to choose that option?

So we are set to take an action, so we design an

  • ACTION PLAN – What are the steps towards my goal? How should I get organized? What do I need to obtain to improve? What will I need to do more or less of? What should I start, or quit doing?

And finally, our final phase will be

  • EXECUTION – I take planned actions under my coach’s supervision and support

NLP-based Coaching


NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is the world’s leading methodology for personal development.

NLP is the model for communication and motivation that brings us the possibility to discover and develop our capacities.

NLP helps us not only to become aware of our subconscious feelings, patterns of thinking and behavior, but also to develop them and change them in the most constructive manner.


  • NEURO = thoughts = the way we use our senses to understand what is happening around us = internal language and processes
  • LINGUISTIC = verbal and non-verbal communication = how we use language to influences ourselves and people around us = external language
  • PROGRAMMING = behavior = the way we organize our ideas and actions to get results = become aware & use intentionally






When do People Need Coaching?

Life Coaching is a very personal journey. It brings you new insights, broadens up your perspective and develops your flexibility to help you find the most efficient and elegant way for the important upcoming life change.



  • We usually seek for a Life Coach when we find ourselves facing a problem that seems unsolvable, or when we want to make some change towards reaching our higher potential, but are not sure what and how exactly. Or, when we get scared of the changes we desire.
  • Coach gives us wings when we break under difficulties and feel unable to see the solution… or when we lack the self-confidence and awareness of our own qualities and abilities.
  • Coach is there for us when we have a sense of burden, when we feel stuck and helpless under pressure and stress … when we feel that we are living a life that doesn’t resonate with our being.
  • We know that coaching is an excellent solution when we have important but undefined relationships or conflicts, and when we realize that we have an ongoing problem that drains us. Or when we are just tired of routines and life becomes devoid of joy, excitement, fulfillment, satisfaction…


It is important to stop and become aware: We always attract into your life what is in harmony with our thoughts and our being. No matter how unpleasant it may sound, our current situation and the environment are in line with what we think, imagine and feel right now.

But still there is a good side of each problem! Difficult situations are our greatest learning points and huge motivation for change and development!


If you evaluate your situation as “hard” or even “severe” – be assured you’re in advantage compared to those people who vegetate in some kind of a dull “status quo”, without motivation to make some progress. How is that?

Simply, bearing in mind that the whole process of change begins in the head of an individual, you have a stronger incentive to get out of your difficult situation! And if you let yourself persevere on the path of personal change, you will never go back to the old, harmful patterns! Great, right?


Always keep in mind that you deserve to live the kind of life as you choose, in abundance and prosperity.

Life Coach can help you find efficient solutions to fit your needs, clean-up your life, help you become strong inside and aware of your virtues and qualities; to get rid of the burden of the past and realize that you are entitled to abundance in every sense; to treat yourself with respect and praise; to create your future and boldly get started; to get organized and set priorities; to improve your communication skills and relationship with yourself and with others… To take control over your life and live happy and fulfilled, regardless of daily politics, the situation in the country or something unpleasant someone has said to you.

How I work with Clients?

I practice life coaching in English and Serbian



Individual 90-minute coaching sessions are performed in two ways:

  • LIVE MEETINGS in my coaching space, or
  • VIDEO CALLS – (Skype, Zoom, Viber…) if you are geographically distant, or for some specific reason



Group and team sessions include working with two or more clients at the same time, and can be organized for members of a family, team, for a group of friends or colleagues… The goal of these sessions is to upgrade the level of communication and motivation among team members, define and conduct long-term goals and eliminate the possible system “errors”.



Intensive coaching retreat involves a 3-day or 5-day or 7-day intensive work, individually or in small groups, at a remote location and the environment that soothes, relaxes and provides contact with nature.

What is My Job?

My main job is to help you become aware of your current state, and then to clearly assess your goals and devise realistic strategies that will quickly and efficiently bring you to where you choose to be.

As your life coach I will be:

  • 100% committed to your success, as an unconditional support throughout the coaching process
  • Always providing creative ways of helping you
  • Constantly inspiring and motivating – a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, a rocket fuel… or kick in the behind if you need it 🙂
  • Available in between sessions for free email tips about homework
  • Providing you with a completely confidential relationship
  • Believing in you even if you falter for a moment 😉


So, let’s coach! Schedule your first complementary consultation with me and generate your positive change!