Adrijana Efremova (30), IT Project Assistant

I needed help and I contacted Zorana through her web site. My problem was a lack of self-confidence, at work and in private.

Zorana is a wonderful person and a professional. With her positive energy and charisma, along with the power and knowledge of NLP, she managed to help me discover myself and to awaken and strengthen my self-confidence. She was always ready to offer a variety of options and exercises to achieve the expected result.


Of course, anyone who decides to start with NLP Coaching should be ready to work actively on his self-improvement. With Zorana, I have learned how to manage my internal energy and my thoughts, and that everything is in my hands – I have the power and control to do whatever I want, whenever I want!


I now feel reborn. Now I know who I am, and it doesn’t matter where and with whom I am, because I realize how much I’m worth. I’m still improving and I use exercise Zorana recommended.

Finally, if you are in an unusual period of life, you want to discover yourself and your purpose, or have any problem that troubles you – do not hesitate and seek for help. Zorana will help you brighten your life and improve your condition.

Thank you so much dear Zorana!

Dragana Vasic (39) Financial consultant

I stood at a great crossroads. It was necessary to reconcile the conflicts that I had in my mind and to make the right decisions for the future.

I saw some of Zorana’s Instagram posts and one was particularly inspiring for me to make the first step and call her. This was my best decision, after years spent in a vicious circle of negative emotions. Now I feel free and joyful, as if I overthrew the enormous burden that I carried for a long time.

I have the will and motivation to love, laugh, to create and to socialize. I enjoy my new self, and take bold steps forward. I’m deeply grateful to my wonderful coach, Zorana Spasojevic, for all her support and love.

Marko Petrovic, (43) Lawyer

“Three years ago I said ‘farewell’ to unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits: cigarettes, alcohol, bars, negative environment… Carried by great enthusiasm, I never faltered, and I held the promise given to myself.  Unfortunately, I experienced lack of support for this radical change, from family, friends, associates… They wanted the old, well-known Marko.  I felt really bad, rejected and unaccepted. I suffered many internal conflicts.

Then, to my great joy and satisfaction, I found Zorana, and became interested in her work. With her approach and knowledge in excellently guided sessions, I became aware of my own happiness and my values.

Zorana, thank you for helping me stay on track. I feel healthy, fulfilled and happy, at peace with myself. For all those who want to clear the clutter in their lives, I recommend working with Zorana! ”