Dear all,

Spring is the time to re-paint the walls, do some scrubbing, make a thourough draft… to do small and large repairs, clean the cabinets, pull out the light clothing and plant fresh flowers.

This is the time to treat ourselves with a new haircut, membership at the gym, a pair of sandals, some light perfume… In springtime, we breathe in the colorful markets, absorbe the first rays of sun and plan to travel distant places this summer…

And what about our mind, our soul? Is it their turn to get clean as well? What about the harmful habits, limiting beliefs, our inner critic, uncertainties, fears? What about the dissatisfaction, accumulated misunderstandings, hurt feelings, or a burden that you may carry with you everywhere? What would be necessary to happen for you to decide to let it go?

Allow yourself to breathe, to shine from inside and bloom with the first daisies!

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