In coaching, there are so-called “niches”, or work fields that deal with specific themes.


“Inner Game Life Coaching” is my main coaching field.


Specifically, I help you take control of your life and help you learn how to manage your internal processes to achieve more beneficial results in all spheres of life and in all roles (work, family, communication, personal development, health, friendship, leisure…)

When you reach a stable state of connection with yourself, when you get rid of the limiting beliefs, “I need/have to”, “I will be happy when…”, “I am too…”, “I don’t have enough…” and other harmful patterns, as well as the negative emotions that have been sedated – then you can achieve clarity and focus, and you are ready to define your goals, according to your core self.

So, what we do is permanently bring yourself to a good state – that’s why it’s called the “inner game”.



Here is the list of my favorite coaching themes. For some of them I have a special motivation, as they are mostly from life areas in which I myself experienced a massive positive change. I strongly believe that the success is contagious 🙂 and if you recognize yourself in any of the following questions, I invite you to schedule your first complimentary consultation with me!


Goals and Personal Growth

  • Do you ever honestly talk to yourself… and see what happens?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you didn’t really get to know yourself after all these years?
  • What do you attract into your life? What is your current story?


  • What constantly drains your energy and makes you feel bad?
  • What is scary or limiting to you?
  • Do you feel the need to get rid of the limiting emotions (guilt, shame, resentment, depression, helplessness, sadness, fear, resentment, apathy, feeling stuck…)?
  • Are you occasionally behaving in an unwanted manner?
  • Do you sometimes experience an inner battle?


  • Are you aware of your qualities and abilities?
  • Do you feel limited by your “inner critic”?
  • Are you taking life too seriously, forgetting to laugh?
  • Are you having the same problems over, and over again?
  • Do you sometimes feel disoriented in time and space: nostalgic or sad about the past, and anxious for what future might bring?


  • Do you feel the need to achieve something more in life, to thrive in some other field?
  • Are you in fear of the unknown, so you rather choose to dwell in well familiar, yet undesirable?
  • Do you give up on a goal or idea just because you fear HOW you will achieve it?
  • How do you set priorities and make decisions?


  • What is that you constantly postpone, but is very important?
  • What makes you feel great, that resonates with your heart?
  • What is that you would just love to do?
  • When will you let yourself do it?

Successful people are not those who have already achieved their goals.

Successful people are those who feel pleasure, joy and freedom while patiently, persistently and deliberately moving toward their goal.

With an open heart and mind, they attract what they want. Moving in the wanted direction, they LIVE.

Therefore, it is important to listen to your inner being, overcome obstacles in your head and find out what it that you want to achieve the most – what is your purpose, your mission.


Most people don’t go after what they truly WANT, but after what they think they CAN DO. Most people don’t know where they are… their life is not under their control. It is usually navigated by a number of outside factors and circumstances… so they pray the things turn out fine! Isn’t that sad? And even when they get the results they don’t want, they still do the same old stuff. Why is that?

It’s because their entire system of thinking relies on the resources they are aware of at the moment, what they think they deserve, and on how they assess their own abilities. They forget what they can. They tend to focus on avoiding the unwanted, instead of driving attention to what they do want.

If they could only start thinking “what is that I’m capable of”, “what do I deserve as a human being”, “what are my qualities I keep forgetting”, “what is that my heart desires the most”, “what house do I want to live in”, “who do I want to spend my time with”, “what relationships do I want to build”, “how do I want to communicate with my partner, parents, children, relatives, colleagues…” – they would get the answers from the core of their being and use them as guidelines towards the life they truly want to live.


Regardless of how old or experienced you are, weather you are a teenager or retired, when you become aware of these answers, you will inevitably discover the power within yourself, bigger and stronger than any influence from the outside world. This power will guide you, protect you and sustain you, make you focus onto your goal. And you will stop wasting life and energy on things that are not yours, that are not in line with your values – thing you resist deep inside. Those are miraculous life experiences!  

So… what have you decided – what will you trade your life for, from now on?


I encourage you to schedule your first complimentary consultation with me. Let’s start talking about you, your values, dreams, and some new short-term or long-term options for a life filled with joy and satisfaction!



  • How do you communicate and how satisfied are you with that?
  • Do you often wish for a more simple and efficient, better communication with people?
  • What is your relationship with family members, friends, family, clients, colleagues?
  • Would you love to expand your circle of friends and clients?


  • Are you afraid to take the word at meetings?
  • Do you have a problem to express your attitude, to reject what you do not want, or to stand up for what you want?
  • Do you have the feeling that people are taking advantage of you?
  • Do you find it often that people misunderstand you? Or, do you often misunderstand others?


  • Do you feel “stuck” in a relationship with another person?
  • Do you sometimes find yourself in a conflict or even an aggressive situation, and how do you solve it?
  • What is the root of your dysfunctional, painful, stressful, confusing, or even violent relationships?


Most people need help with communication, regardless of whether they are to present an effective business report, negotiate… or to declare their love for someone, to hold a toast at the friend’s wedding, or to gather the courage to stop a relationship holding them back.

Improving verbal and non-verbal skills, overcoming the fear of public speaking and a sense of shame and guilt, clearly communicating your own needs, improving assertiveness and setting boundaries in communication, giving and receiving feedback or criticism, learning to listen, setting clear goals – all this will help you to improve your self-confidence, regardless of whether you are a senior manager, mother on maternity leave, artist, freshly married man, a teenager who discovers life, or something different.


As your coach – your trusted, unbiased person released from judgments, I will help you identify and deal with your unsatisfactory communications, and to build healthy, fruitful relationships with other people.

I encourage you to schedule your first complimentary consultation with me. Let’s talk about growing better relationships for a communication filled with joy!

Emotional Relationships

Regardless of whether you are “solo” with a desire to dive into a new emotional relationship, or you have recently started a relationship or marriage… or have been together for decades, or being freshly divorced… Your soul, mind and body need to be satisfied with love and harmony!


Please let yourself think for a moment:

  • What do you consider the best quality relationship or marriage?
  • What is your emotional situation, how satisfied are you?
  • Are you in a relationship or single for some time now?


  • How inspiring is your relationship or marriage?
  • What improvements could be made in your communication with your partner?
  • Do you have the need to revive the romantic feelings you felt at the beginning of your relationship?


  • Are you a couple, but still feel lonely?
  • You feel that you cannot manage to stand up for your needs?
  • Do you feel trapped in a relationship or marriage?
  • Do you feel that your relationship is standing at “wobbly legs”?
  • How would you assess your intimacy?


  • Is your impression that partners have always been exploiting you in some way?
  • Does reminding of your previous relationships still make you feel uncomfortable, bitter or sad?


  • You would like to break up, but don’t know how to move on?
  • You’re afraid of being alone or making a fresh start?


As a coach whose great inspiration is emotional relationship between people, I can help couples and those who would like to have a partner to develop the skills they need to achieve a successful, inspiring relationship.

I’ll help clients individually and in pairs to successfully cope with the current challenges and to consider their relationship from the fresh perspective, to define their objectives, to establish successful and elegant style of communication, to better understand and recognize their own and partner’s needs, to give feedback, to forgive, to learn how to live fulfilled lives as individuals and as a couple… until they achieve a  relationship that makes them both happy.

Single people often face unique challenges. Some of them have the impression they are valued only as a half of a couple. They suffer pressure from family and friends to “settle down”, get married, to start a family… In addition to being judged or considered losers, they often convince themselves that it is very difficult, or even impossible for them to find the right partner for a relationship.

Those who have recently started living alone are often faced with the financial problems and the challenges of managing the day, the kids and the household, or coping with feelings of helplessness, loss, grief… preventing them to move forward with their emotional life.


If your story is anything like this, as your coach I’m here to give you a boost to become aware of your capabilities, resources and skills, to clarify the most important things in your life, to overcome the problems that block you,  to set clear goals, and then to begin with their implementation.

Start by scheduling your first complimentary consultation with me, and I will help you make a positive change in your life!


  • How would you describe your family?
  • What is your family role?
  • How do you communicate with members of your family?
  • Are you happy with how your partner, mother, child, sister, father in law… treat you?
  • How do they communicate with each other?


  • Do you miss harmony and understanding?
  • How does your leisure time spent together look like?
  • Do you feel “stuck” or frustrated in a relationship with a family member?
  • How would you like your family relationships to look like in future, what would you change and improve?


Families come in all shapes and sizes 🙂 Primary and chosen families, common law marriages, families with and without children, families that are expecting or have recently got a baby, families with adopted children, extended family with three or four generations living under same roof, half-brothers and siblings, children from previous marriages and relationships, partners of the same sex… Sometimes it’s really not easy to get everything together and determine what is right! In addition, single-parent families are in rise.

All families, even the most traditional ones, sometimes feel the need for help from a neutral person.


As your coach, I can help you overcome the family crisis, transitions, to improve your communication, to set boundaries, to improve your parent’s skills, to establish family rules and dynamics, to achieve stronger, more harmonious relationships with a clear role for each family member.

I might only work with you, maybe it will be very useful to also talk to some other family members, individually or collectively, in order to obtain the best possible picture of the issue you’re experiencing, and to help solve it. We will set up short-term and long-term family goals based on realistic expectations, and create a strategy and plan for each member individually to ensure the quick and efficient progress.

If I estimate that you need family therapy, legal counseling or other professional help that stretches beyond my competence, I’ll give you my proposal whom to contact.


If you are ready to take responsibility and start the positive change within your family, I can provide you guidance for you to achieve relations based on love, support, understanding and joy.

Schedule your first complimentary consultation with me – it is already a very concrete step! 🙂

Coaching Kids and Teens

As the first English-speaking life coach for children in Serbia, I offer children help with issues and problems related to behavior and emotion management. My sessions are dynamic, interactive, creative, and filled with unconditional support. With children, I build a relationship of honesty, trust and respect. I work with kids aged 6 years or up.

Coaching for children and teenagers includes individual work with the child, the occasional individual work of one of the parents, or even more family members, if necessary. We are united in our desire to help a child who struggles.


The general issues we deal with are:

  • Communication, connection and cooperation with family members
  • Transitional problems and challenges (parent’s separation or divorce, the new baby, parent’s new emotional partner, step-brother or half-sister…, changing school, relocation, and other major changes in his life children are faced with)


  • Management of negative emotions and behaviors (anxiety, fear, disobedience, rebellion, defiance, tantrums, selfishness, self-centeredness…)
  • Stress management


  • Change in negative ways of thinking
  • Self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Character building, independence and resilience
  • Motivation and self-discipline
  • Healthy decision making and taking responsibility
  • Perfectionism and the need to always be the best and first


  • Problems with authority figures
  • Learning problems
  • Relationships with peers
  • Role-models and manipulation


  • First emotional relationships, falling in love

Topics I do not cover are different types of addictions and eating disorders.


I find it very important and useful for the child to have an opportunity to open up to a person of trust who does not belong to his family circle.

All sessions with children are confidential, except when a child gives me permission to share with his parent, or if I find the child is in some kind of danger. The child will generally be happy for me to share with parents his idea of how to solve a particular issue, or how things are developing. I advise parents to pay attention to the progress on the child’s emotional state and behavior, and to support and encourage the path towards his objectives.

The way I approach a child is primarily work on the regulation of emotion, rather than a behavior modification.

Each behavior of a child is a product of emotional state.

I help kids to become aware and understand emotions, and how they can be managed in the most useful way. Through these interactions, a child becomes more self-aware, learning to “set” himself better, and adopt alternative behaviors to overcome the problems and avoid potential trouble or danger.

With pleasure and great respect, I help children to persevere on the path of establishing healthy habits, overcoming conflicts within the family, at school, with friends; to learn techniques of positive and good communication, to improve listening skills, to realize the importance of gratitude and empathy. I help kids understand that they can change the situation that makes them feel bad, that there is always a choice, and that they are enough; It’s my job to support them learn how to take responsibility for their actions, how to raise their levels of self-confidence, to learn how to cope with fear, shame and negative emotions…


If you believe it is important to provide your child with support in solving all these problems and situations, I encourage you to schedule your first complimentary interview with me. Let’s talk!


As a mother of two boys, proud aunt of (for now 🙂 ) 7 bright kids, and the concept author for Minicity, children’s creative city – so far I’ve had the opportunity to work with a very large number of children and parents. I love this coaching niche in particular.

I’m here for you and your family’s well-being.


Maybe so far you’ve experienced some of the enlisted:

  • You repeat the “mistakes” and the patterns of your parents while interacting with your child
  • You want to get rid of the burden that you brought from your primary family to avoid passing it on to your children


  • The atmosphere in the family is tense and uncomfortable
  • You have the need for more harmonious and better communication with children and partner


  • You feel that your parenting skills are insufficient or they produce unwanted effects
  • You note that you haven’t effectively set the limits of your child’s behavior
  • The child has no work habits, does not meet the school and family tasks and he behaves in unacceptable ways


  • Loss of patience and control; you often shout
  • You become a “complainer”, you rarely play and laugh
  • You often feel exhausted and frustrated
  • Note that the time you spend with your child is routine without the excitement and creativity
  • You increasingly perceive parenting as stress, and less as pleasure and joy


  • You understand that you worry too much, but are not skilled to deal with it
  • You fall into fears and often feel powerless or blocked
  • You feel that becoming a parent you lost yourself


  • You are not aligned with your partner about your parenting approach and responsibilities
  • The influence other people (grandparents, other family members, peers …) have on your child bothers you a lot


  • You are faced with separation or divorce problems, your ex-partner neglects the child or is unavailable for different reasons, or your ex-partner passed away…


Being a parent has always been a huge challenge and probably the most difficult job for each adult. Each healthy parent is doing the best he could to raise a happy, healthy and successful child.

Sometimes future parents, even before conception, engage a parenting coach to help them cut out a plan together and agree with the principles of parenting, regardless of their different backgrounds and life experiences. This is an ideal start to parenthood.

However, parents often hire a coach with a rise of family crisis, when they disagree with the partner’s parenting methods, when they have a problem to get organized, when they face disbalance in parental responsibilities in a marriage or after a divorce, when the child’s behavior gets out of control…


Life coach helps to clarify parenting problems, its strengths and weaknesses, to acquire new skills and techniques for successful communication in order to achieve balance in relations, to set clear goals of parenting, to develop strategy and effective approach to its realization. We pay special attention to consistency, being aware of its importance in implementing an effective parenting plan.

In cases of separation or conflict between parents, I can help them to improve communication to be able to solve problems more effectively, and to avoid the influence of personal disagreements in their parental roles.

Functional parenting and child’s well-being is a priority in our work.

If I assess that your parenting problem is beyond my competence, I will gladly recommend you an expert to help you solve your situation: developmental psychologist, school counselor, family therapist, mediator, legal advisor, social worker, etc.

If, as you read these lines, you feel the need for a professional coach’s support, please schedule the first complimentary interview with me. Let’s talk about what’s bothering you.


Life Transitions and Changes

Changes are a part of our everyday life: they tend to be very frequent, sudden and stressful, and they reflect the increasingly rapid changes in society and the environment.

Some people generally like change and are looking forward to them: they switch jobs, the environment, activities; they are prone to adventures, experiments and lead a very dynamic lives… Some other people have a very strong resistance to any change, even if it was their favorite coffee mug, the new mobile phone or a new furniture layout in the office – they love their well-known patterns and that makes them feel safe.


At some point in life, every individual experienced a big, significant change that forced them to review and adapt. Whether you are about to retire, get married, get divorced, at the beginning or termination of emotional relationship, losing or changing job, moving to another apartment, the city or the country, dealing with big cultural differences, ending a long friendship, giving birth to a child, ending college, losing a close relative or taking care of an ill loved one, ending sports career due to an injury, facing material loss or some new role in life… all of these situations lead to strong inner turbulence. The question is how will each individual accept the change, what will he learn from it, how will he get motivated to move forward, get strong, accept the new situation…


Life coach will help you get prepared for the upcoming changes in the best possible way. He will support you to overcome the bad, unexpected changes, and to accept changes you experience as a great chance for personal growth. With a help of a coach, you will find your strength, focus and inspiration.

As a coach who has made it through several very large personal life changes (moving to another continent, divorce from a first husband, death of close family members, four complete career changes, 15 years of entrepreneurship, different hobbies, the birth of two children, health problems caused by excessive stress levels…), I can understand how you feel. I am capable to help you overcome the challenges caused by a change more easily, to prevent you from becoming petrified and locked-up, and to focus on your short-term and long-term goals.


If you have a need for support in the phase of a life transition, please schedule the first complimentary consultation with me. I’m here to help you!


Stress Management

Many people nowadays complain that daily stress levels they experience overrides their capabilities to cope. Although the occasional dose of stress turns out to be healthy and stimulating for many people, too much negative stress can lead to chronic emotional, mental and physical problems. Knowing that every human is a unique system consisting of mind, body and soul, it is not surprising that stress can have a very negative impact on our health and on our feelings.

Although stress has become a part of our daily life, most people do not know how to reduce its unwanted effects by themselves. That’s why they are often overwhelmed by negative emotions and harmful physical reactions. The level of stress can sometimes reach or break dangerous limits.

These negative emotions and reactions include:

  • Various types of blockages
  • Anxiety, irritability, confusion, nervousness
  • Fears, phobias and even panic attacks
  • Burnout
  • Health problems – high blood pressure, heart dysfunction, digestive tract problems, muscle spasms, backaches, headaches and other painful physical reactions
  • Unwanted loss or gain of body weight


In such condition it is logical that a person craves

  • A positive change
  • Inner balance
  • Need for piece and quiet
  • The need for understanding and support from the loved ones

In these situations, people feel the need to seek help of a life coach.


If you are often in the state of stress, and willing to develop strategies that will help you manage these challenges, please schedule your first complimentary interview with me.

Burden of The Past

  • How does your past influence your present?
  • What unpleasant past situations persistently burden your present?
  • Do you see your life as a glass filled with pain and bitterness?
  • Are there some people from your past with whom you haven’t finished yet?
  • What would you like to get rid of, and finally breathe freely?
  • Did you ever have a strong desire to untie the painful knots in relationship with the members of your family, friends, partner…?
  • Do you have an “inner critique”, a voice persistently restraining you to move forward?


If you feel that the situation or someone from the past still puts a pressure on you, or performs a negative impact on your life, if you have the need to get rid of the emotional burden and start to live better and fuller – I suggest you to schedule your first free consultation with me and to start with the coaching process.
We will bring up and deal with these issues, seek for a new attitude towards the past, present and future, and start the long-term, sustainable outcome that will give you relief and make you more satisfied.