Hello! Thank you for your interest in life coaching, extremely progressive method of personality development!

My name is Zorana Spasojević, and I am NLP Master and Professional Life Coach.

I live in Belgrade, Serbia, with my husband Srdjan and our two sons: Igor (10) and Milutin (6).

But why is this picture illustrating the page about me? For a very good reason. My childhood hero, my Grandpa Janko, called me „Lane dekino“ which in Serbian means “Grandpa’s Bambi”. He was my life coach – unreserved support, motivator, and the one who sincerely believed I could do anything I wanted.



  • I studied photography and graphic design at the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design, University of Belgrade.
  • I worked as a graphic designer and art director at the advertising agency McCann Erickson, Belgrade.
  • I was the founder, owner and CEO of the company which operated for 12 years as the retail and wholesale of the famous German lingerie and beachwear brand, Triumph International, and other well-known brands: Wonderbra, DIM, Playtex, Maryan Mehlhorn, Primadonna, Watercult, Lidea and Charmline.
  • The largest project that my husband and I realized together was Minicity – creative children’s city, which entertained and educated children from all over Serbia in the 2000 m2 venue in down-town Belgrade. Here I worked as the creative and program director and managed an Animator’s team counting 40 young people. All about Minicity, created with our hearts, you can find here.



I firmly believe that becoming a good coach, other than education and training, means to undergo an intense process of personal growth and change.

When  Minicity failed in Serbian market, I felt a huge emotional, business and financial loss that had a very bad impact on many aspects of my life.

Driven by the huge desire to fight for a change of perspective and focus, and to progress as a person, I learned to be grateful for all the beautiful and heart-breaking experiences that have built me as a person.

One evening, I saw an interview with Ms Slavica Squire, Vice President of European Coaching Association (ECA), the Founder of the first NLP Institute and first Coaching Academy in the region. She inspired me to start training at NLP Institute. Very soon, I realized what my life purpose is, so I started education at Coaching Academy.

I’m choosing a constant development and growth … and I’m happy for all that I discover along the way!

You can join me too!

My purpose is to empower and support people on their way of life changes that will reward them clarity, confidence, abundance, joy and great relationships.

My desire to work on my personal development, and then my new professional focus on the calling of a life coach are the most important personal decisions that I made. Coaching is a profession that makes one grow. It is inspiring and rewarding with every new positive change my clients make.


And now, my focus is completely on YOU! What is your story?

I encourage you to schedule your first complimentary coaching session with me. Let’s find out how I can help you grow.